Ninja-related word metrics

Have I been bad about working on this project? Oh yes, totally. I dropped the ball right out of the gate, I swear. But in my slight defense, I’ve been tied up in Inexplicables edits, and I’ve also been trapped deep in the throes of some disgusting, phlegmy bug I picked up upon my return from Tucson. I blame the husband. Because he is here.

Anyway, this is pitiful progress, but it’s the only progress I have to report. I cut out some material, rearranged some material, and then added … well, not a huge segment of material, but better than no new words at all.

So here’s an update on my comic/sci-fi young adult project where a girl becomes a ninja and fights aliens with much ass-kicking and many LOLs but not a whole lot of kissing (or any kissing, to be frank) plus BONUS Bruce Lee’s ghost, a vintage Thunderbird, zenlightenment on the fly, and fat stacks of Cool Ranch Doritos.

    Project: Ninja Planet
    Deadline: Sooner or Later
    New words written: 1516 (Don’t judge.)
    Present total word count: 24,672 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: Was picked up by an FBI agent who is stuck running errands for a belligerent alien abduction victim. Got lost in those little residential neighborhood warrens on Queen Anne hill.

    Things accomplished in real life: Burned through half a box of Kleenex (with lotion somehow magically incorporated into them, thank God); got my inbox down to zero which was no small feat, I’ll have you to know; recounted a pretty kick-ass dream on Twitter; very little else of substance, to be frank.

Ah, well.

4 observations on “Ninja-related word metrics
  1. Sarah

    The ninja comic/sci-fi young adult project sounds cool! It’s ok that there isn’t any kissing. I bet it will be fantastic without it. Good luck writing the rest of it. I love your writing.

  2. Patrick Doris

    It was indeed a kick ass dream. Blame the cold on the mold the mold will not bring you coffee and tea


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