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Last night I finally sent off version 2.0 of Inexplicables, which means holy shit, look at this: A blog post! I’ve been more or less offline (save the occasional tweet) for the last week, making a fierce final push to clean up that story and hand it over to my impossibly patient editor Liz – and long may her praises be sung.

So now that’s done, and I have a moment to breathe. Not a day, not an hour. But a moment, and I’ll take it – thank you very much. Shorter projects have been queuing up while I wasn’t looking, and a handful of smaller deadlines are looming in the next few months; but this is wholly manageable, and not nearly as much pressure as fixing something I broke last year.

I feel like now my New Year can begin … now that I’ve gotten the last of the overdue 2011 business off my plate. I’m not playing catch-up anymore. Now I only have to keep my head above water. More or less.

* * * * * *

And now I will roundup some recent immodest links. As you do.

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  1. Thanks Cherie!

  2. Thank you for featuring Chicks With Crossbows, Cherie! But you know, protagonist and author may be somewhat alike in this case. :)

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