Month: February 2012

Of Ninjas and Aliens

As previously threatened, I’ve gone back to work on the YA novel that’s making the rounds. (Partial manuscript with proposal, natch.) It’s a dandy distraction while I’m waiting for other shoes to drop.

I revisited my sample chapters, ultimately cleaning them up a bit further (yeah, yeah, I know) and tweaking them a smidge – and now I’ve added another 4K or so. It’s my goal to do about 2K a day, not burning myself out, but setting a healthy pace.*

So here’s recent progress on my comic/sci-fi young adult project where a girl becomes a ninja and fights aliens with much ass-kicking and many LOLs but not a whole lot of kissing (or any kissing, to be frank) plus BONUS Bruce Lee’s ghost, a vintage Thunderbird, zenlightenment on the fly, and fat stacks of Cool Ranch Doritos.

    Project: Ninja Planet
    Deadline: Sooner or Later
    New words written: Today? About 2000
    Present total word count: 23,156 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: Fight with mom, making it onto national television via grainy cell phone video, nearly getting run over by a horse cop.

    Things accomplished in real life: Printed off some contract amendments/signed them/took them to the post office, dishes, laundry, negotiated a signing (off site, while I’m out of town for an upcoming event), chatted with the Tucson Festival of Books people, ultimately achieved the fabled Inbox Zero can I get a what-what?

In other news, I sent off that short story to the editor. I hope he likes it. I’m worried about it, though. I don’t write a lot of short material; I don’t think it’s my strong suit. I always feel like it needs to be longer, or paced differently, or something. Live and learn, I guess.

Hm. What else?

I gave up on Once Upon A Time. Just couldn’t make myself care about it anymore; but I’m still clinging to Grimm – and though I see a lot of “meh” chatter online about last week’s episode, I liked it fairly well. I can’t help it, that captain fellow just melts my butter. Lawful Evil FTW.

Still watching The River too. So far, so good. Alcatraz – ditto, more or less. It’s not blowing me away, but I like the characters and I’m hoping that with time, it’ll stretch its narrative legs a bit. Still love Castle. Hard to believe, I know.

In a different media vein, the husband and I started the game Alan Wake, which is older, yes – but only recently ported to PC. I heard many good reviews and hearty recommendations, but God bless, it was just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. The husband and I only got a couple of chapters deep before our eyes rolled so hard that we were forced seek medical attention.

We followed that one up with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and it is vastly better, so far. Speaking of – I require Megan Reed’s jacket. STAT. But maybe in black. I’m too clumsy for ivory; that bad-boy would be covered in ketchup and Coke Zero stains in under an hour. Yes, well. This is my curse. This, and flat feet.

Anyway, just do me a favor and pretend I wrapped up this post with something tidy and rational. Don’t assume I got sleepy and needed to go make a cup of tea, lest I faceplant into the keyboard or sakjldfaso;i reftakw4eW’PAle

* I’m noodling on this as a place-holder activity while I try to play catch-up on other things – knowing that editorial work on two other projects could land at any time. I’m also preparing for yet another out-of-state trip for personal business. The husband and I leave Saturday, and will be back Wednesday night. So. Kind of busy over here, for all that I have precious little to blog about.

Yeah I’ve given up my wings / They were only wax and strings

Not much to report over the last couple of days. I’ve been home decompressing from the busy weekend, running errands and whatnot. I’ve also been digging through a few old projects that never went anywhere … and deciding what to save and develop, and what should probably be jettisoned to the circular file.

I’ve tossed a few things and retrieved a few things, and even started something new – a short story that someone asked me for a couple of months ago (yes I’m being cryptic, such is life). I wrapped up a draft a day or two ago, and will poke it with a stick on Monday to see how I feel about it. I hope it’s good on a second look. It’s the first new content (unrelated to Inexplicables editorial) I’ve composed in months.

At the moment, I’m sort of hanging between projects – thus my sudden interest in shorter stuff and material I had to put down last year. I’m waiting for an editorial response on that second Inexplicables draft, and I promised myself I wouldn’t start Fiddlehead until March – because I’m trying to buy myself some breathing time.

(Last year was hella-nuts, and this year hasn’t started off with any greater sense of leisure – so I force myself to take “breaks” as a matter of sanity, whenever I can shoehorn them in. Of course, by “breaks” I mean, “Time to noodle around on things I’m not getting paid for – but things I hope to get paid for, eventually. Maybe. Or not. But it’s fun work. So to speak.”)

Anyway. The main focus of my temporary revision gaze is the YA project I’ve been sitting on for the last year. It’s out making the rounds again via my agent, and I have high hopes for it. But so far it hasn’t found a home.

I’ve been revisiting the existing content in an attempt to decide if I should just put it down and forget about it if we can’t find any takers; God knows sometimes I’m not the best judge of my own output quality. But upon reflection, I still love it – and I think I’ll finish it regardless of how the queries comes back. Heck, I know a great independent press or two, if none of the big guys want to take a chance on a story about a juvenile delinquent and her two best friends caught in the midst of an alien invasion, wherein nobody kisses but many asses are kicked and copious laughs are had … and there is science!, girl power, boy power, Bruce Lee, UFOs, and Doritos. I can’t help but believe it’ll find some readers, one way or another.

So. Yeah.

Today I jaunted down the hill and went to the bank, swung by the post office, nabbed myself some lunch, figured I needed a bit more rum so I stopped by the liquor store (yay!), and hit up Walgreens too. I might finish the cleaning the house before the husband gets home. Or then again, I might not.

Have a good weekend, everyone. I’m going to log off and pretend to be productive.

Progress and Productivity

Today I sat down and wrote over 5000 words on a short story I’d been noodling on for a week, thereby completing it. Total count: about 6200 words. Hot damn, I say. It was the first new material I’d composed (apart from editorial repairs on Inexplicables) in months.

It was tough getting started after such a long dry spell, but once I sat down and forced the matter…everything just fell out – like I’d whacked a pinata. A very slow pinata. One which took about six hours to empty. Regardless, I am pleased.

Not much else to report today. Received some more UK editions of Four and Twenty Blackbirds in the mail, as well as a fat stack of bookplates for the same – which I promised to sign and ship back to England sooner rather than later. So I guess I know what I’m doing while I watch TV tonight.