My poor, battered, insufficiently good initial draft of Inexplicables is starting to shape up into something less appalling, which is good – considering it was due weeks ago, and it NEEDS to go by the end of the month. Plus or minus a day or two. I hope. *ahem*

I started by removing about 14,000 words (yes that’s a lot shut up they were bad words moving right along), then I took my editor’s notes to heart and filled in the holes/rearranged various assorted bits. The present incarnation of this thing is about 108,000 words, with another couple thousand to go. One more scene.

It’s a pretty significant scene, and I’m not sure if I can or should start it tonight, as it’s getting late and I’m sort of feeling the burn-out right now. But then again, the sooner I kill it, the sooner I can start back at the beginning – making sure that this whole thing hangs together and doesn’t suck. (This will take me several days.)

I don’t know. I’ll make myself some supper and see how I feel about it tonight.

Anyway, now that there is a Dubstep Cat, I’m not sure reality even matters anymore.