Change of Plans

Word is starting to get around about World Steam Expo, a steampunk convention which is coming up in May. The nice folks over at WSE invited me to participate quite some time ago – last June, I think – and I was excited to attend, believe me. The Michigan fandom community has been exceptionally kind to me, and I’m always happy to visit when I can.

But something has come up, and as of this evening, I’ve reluctantly withdrawn from this event.

I feel particularly bad because my timing is terrible, since the promo push for that weekend is getting underway – but the organizers are being very understanding. The reasons for my change in plans are personal and I won’t go into them here or now; suffice it to say that May of 2012 is shaping up to be very complicated, and I needed to prune the out-of-state travel.

I’m okay, and everything’s all right. This is just a case of Regular Life throwing a monkey-wrench into my Travel/Fandom Life, that’s all. And to be clear, this weekend is not “freed up,” and I am not considering other events.

I am very sorry about this, and I apologize to any fans who were planning to catch me there – as well as the organizers and staff. Best of luck to everyone involved, and may the Expo live long and prosper. Perhaps I can make it in 2013.

Last Modified on January 25, 2012
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