For several hours snow billowed, swirled, and blinded everyone here on the hill … and though at first it didn’t do much dramatic sticking, it’s settled in quite nicely now.

I’d say there’s a good 2-3 inches worth of fluffy stuff to stomp through in one’s stompy boots, should one have such things and feel like merrily bounding around as if one is five years old.

Of course, in the middle of the small blizzard I realized that I was perilously low on hot butter rum mix; and this being heaven-sent weather for hot butter rum, the situation needed fixing. So when the worst of the weather had calmed, I put on my stompy boots and headed for the grocery store – where the power was out, except for the registers. Looked rather like the apocalypse in there, I don’t mind telling you.

I was half tempted to stock up on toilet paper and milk in case … in case … I don’t know. In case we needed paper mache when the power goes out, I guess. But I restrained myself.

(Well, actually I did buy milk because we were almost out – plus my favorite hot butter rum mix, a couple of bottles of wine, some soup, and some peeled tomatoes my husband declared he needed for some reason or another. So I guess we’re all set over here. I hope the rest of you locals are staying warm and dry, and for God’s sake, staying off the roads.)