Day: January 12, 2012

The Results Show

My day was loud and none too pretty, as you can gather from the picture accompanying this post.

The cat was deeply traumatized, the fish thought he’d gone blind (we bundled his tank and kept the heater on it), and it still stinks of paint and moldering wood up in here.

But the worst of it is over.

And to those of you who thought yesterday, “Surely mildew and mold can’t actually penetrate walls and leave a stain of the old beadboard pattern …” I invite you to peer closely at this picture. Take note of the ceiling, in particular. I’d like to say that it’s exactly as disgusting as it looks, but the truth is, it’s even grosser than that.

Anyway, we have new windows.

And like I said, we needed new windows, so this is good … even if it means that I lost one whole work day to the uproar – and I’ll be listening to the dulcet strains of remodeling in the rest of the building for the next couple of weeks.

A number of people have demanded to know when our lease is up, and why we continue to live here with the construction noise and maintenance mess – and the fact is, we have our reasons. We also have tentative plans to vacate these-here premises sometime in the spring, when the weather’s not quite such a bear.

For right now, I have tentative plans to finish restoring order to my poor, upended household. It’ll be another hour or so of sorting, shuffling, dusting, and whatnot – so I’d better get to it, before this headache floors me for the night.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The windows are going in at a pretty good clip, all things considered. But it’s loud, it’s cold, and I’ve got an aquarium to protect and a cat with a death grip on the underside of the bed. And once these guys are gone, it’ll still take a couple of hours to put the place back together and clean up the wreckage.

Anyway. If I’m very, very lucky, this might only be one day out of my life. And my cat won’t fling herself out the window when they come to take care of the bedroom.