The Cheshire Red Books: How to Chime In

When I was on tour last week, a not-insignificant number of readers asked me about when there’d be another Cheshire Red book. As it turns out, Raylene and Sister Rose have some dedicated fans – and for that, I am superlatively grateful! But as I’ve mentioned here before, I still don’t know whether or not the series will continue.

For details on the hows and whys of this situation, click here. The business is crazy right now, and many things are uncertain.

But one of my most frequently asked questions (of the non-steampunk-related variety) was how, precisely, readers should get in touch with my publisher if they wanted to voice their support for my vampire franchise. At the time, I didn’t have a good answer; but as one particularly persistent fan has pointed out … you can drop a message to Random House* through their website.

Here’s the form.

So … yes. There you go. I love hearing from happy readers wanting more, but I’m not the one you need to implore. This one’s up to the publisher.

* Bloodshot and Hellbent are published through Ballantine Books as a Spectra trade original; Random House is the parent company which collects all the correspondence.

14 thoughts on “The Cheshire Red Books: How to Chime In

  1. Elaine R

    I sent a message to Random House professing my love of this series and that I hope it continues on.

  2. Capiz C

    I wrote in asking them to continue the series, too!

  3. Emi

    My message has been sent as well!

  4. Stellar

    One more voice sent to support an amazing series!

  5. Rick

    Just FYI, when you send them a message, their reply is:

    “Thank you for contacting Random House, we appreciate your feedback and continued interest in our publications.

    We do not have additional works from Cherie Priest scheduled at this time. If you would like to write to the author to express your interest in additional works, or provide feedback for specific characters or storylines, please send a letter in care of her publicity department at this address:
    Cherie Priest – Author
    Random House
    c/o Ballantine Publicity
    1745 Broadway
    New York, NY 10019

    Thank you,
    Consumer Services

    Not very encouraging, is it?

  6. Shantanu

    I posted a plea on Random House’s website for a continuation of the series and received the same form letter response as Rick.

    Will we see any more books in the series perhaps with another publisher?

    An avid fan hoping that the series hasn’t come to an abrupt end.

  7. robert wade

    your vampire character in the chesire red books & story line in hellbent has left me hanging for over 2 yrs. now . when r they gonna letcha come up with da 3rd book or continuing saga. thanx

  8. Katya

    If Ballantine isn’t interested in the further adventures of Raylene and Sister Rose, have you considered self-publishing Sawbones? It sounds like you’ve got enough people interested in further books that you could turn a tidy profit without one of the Big Five taking their cut.

  9. Oh, I’ve thought about self-producing it – sure – but right now I’m too busy with contracted work. One of these days if there’s a lull in my schedule, I’ll probably do just that…but it won’t be anytime soon, I’m afraid.

  10. Kylie

    Hi, This must seem a tad obsessive, I read Bloodshot and waited impatiently for Hellbent and then I devoured it as well, I’ve been coming on to your website for years now, praying and desperately hoping that this would not end here, but sadly it looks that way, I understand that steempunk is your niche and it’s what makes money and maybe, the characters come more naturally (more loud in you mind) and therefore when you have time this isn’t as insistent in you mind, maybe I’m assuming a lot but that is what it seems to me, hopefully you are not offended I don’t mean it that way, simply trying to understand and have closure of the 2 books that you did write (Cheshire Red), regrettably anything that has a very heavy steempunk storyline does not appeal to me I’m a more paranormal/urban fantasy fan that that sort of thing.

    Best of luck in your other works, and in you life as well

  11. For what it’s worth, I don’t write steampunk anymore, either; I’m transitioning back to horror – which is where I got my start in the first place. I would’ve been happy to write another Raylene book, but the publishers didn’t want to buy/publish anymore. They just didn’t sell well enough to warrant a third installment.

    It’s been suggested that I should write it anyway, and self-produce it – and someday, I might. But for now, I have too much work under contract to consider taking a few months off to do so. One of these days, if I get the chance, I’ll try to wrap those books up. Alas, today is not that day.

  12. Shantanu

    I’m back and I’d like to echo Kylie’s sentiments as well. I’ll probably re-read the first 2 books again this summer. As a curious note, I mentioned the series to one of my co-workers not too long ago and he said he picked up Bloodshot at an airport and got hooked. He hadn’t heard of the series and hadn’t read your work before. I wonder if the series just wasn’t properly promoted/advertised.

    I’m unfortunately not a huge horror fan. 18th century Gothic Fiction is fine (if you can call that horror) but I’m no fan of Stephen King, et. al. and by all accounts he’s a literary giant. I just found the story telling style and suspense/tempo great with the Cheshire books and the characters were very compelling (especially since they’re not the standard cookie cutter characters you see in just about every other fantasy novel). I had a lot of trouble putting the books down.

    Not prodding too hard though. I see lots of authors self publishing on Amazon now. Some are actually quite entertaining (I really liked the House of Blades stories for instance though they’re probably novellas). Do established authors avoid self publishing because Amazon takes a big cut? Or is it just a big hassle not to have all of the machinery of the big publishing houses?

    Even if you don’t write another Cheshire Reports novel, I’d love to see the same style again. I tried the steam punk novels and never got into it but it’s probably just my peculiar tastes.

  13. Shantanu

    Sorry about the double post… I didn’t mention why my co-worker’s story was curious. It mirrored my own introduction to your work. I picked up Bloodshot while thumbing through books looking for something to read on a long flight too. I hadn’t come across the series in my usual haunts.

  14. Patricia Henshall

    And then there is Kickstart–I’d be willing to pledge $25 for an e- book of the next volume of Cheshire Red. . .I enjoy those books so much I am planning to read them for the third time.

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