So, yes – I’ve been off adventuring, and have (as per usual) not been very good about blogging. In my defense, I’ve spent four of the last seven days in airports; and the truth is, I’ve just been very, very tired.

This will not be changing anytime soon.

Later this week – Thursday, at 7:30, to be precise – I’ll be over at Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge Island … and then the next morning, I’m flying out for Memphis to begin the rest of my tour. On the way back from Tennessee, I’ll be stopping at St. Louis, Denver, and Boise … so if you live in any of those fine places and you’d like some details, then please allow me to direct you to this-here page. Scroll down.

These events make up my last public appearances this year,* so catch me this round, or catch me in 2012. If I don’t die of exhaustion, first. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Anyway! Because I am appallingly remiss about such things, I now give you a fat stack of links – all of which are Terribly Immodest Book Reviews. Perhaps one of them will incline you to take a chance on something I wrote. Perhaps the whole exercise will annoy you beyond belief.

That’s a chance I have to take.

  • BookSlut on Ganymede – “There are a lot of lazy writers out there who think steampunk is a quick way to tell a tale, but Cherie Priest isn’t one them. This is alternative history storytelling at its finest and she is a blend of Verne, Doyle, and dare I say it — Louisa May Alcott. The action is here, the mysteries, but also the gender balance among strong characters (both leading and supporting) is very nearly unprecedented.”

  • CCLaP Center on Ganymede – “And indeed, as you can see, there’s a good reason that a growing number of people are starting to call this perhaps the greatest steampunk series in the history of the genre; and that’s because with each volume, Priest squeezes in several novels’ worth of flabbergasting ideas, making each story expansive as hell while still keeping a tight control over the three-act structure.”

  • Pissed-Off Geek on Hellbent – “One thing I’m sure of with this book series is that there will be more. Raylene Pendle is a strong character who has more stories to tell, it’s obvious she as a character can be put into quite a few scenarios both supernatural and human and it will make for a good story. I know I’m looking forward to reading the next book when it comes to find out what is next for not only her but her little family.”

  • Jim Hale on Boneshaker – “Priest isn’t H.G. Wells or Jules Verne, but I’d happily put her books on the same shelf. She is also quicker in pace and while the action isn’t non-stop, she had me gripped and wanting more. If I were to award marks out of 5, she’d get a 4 and I’m a hard marker.”

  • Tim’s Book Reviews on Boneshaker – “Needless to say, I loved this book. Even the brown printed text helped suck me deeper into the gritty world Priest has created. For people new to either steampunk or zombie books this is a good entry point for either. Others familiar with either genre (or subgenre) will be pleasantly surprised with new elements to both. This will be a flagship book for the steampunk genre, if it isn’t already.”

* Though I’ll likely still do another round or two of travel for the day-job, natch.