He always said she was good as gold

The weekend felt like a fractured thing; a friend of mine and the husband’s (Andan, whose name I may well have stolen for fiction, *cough cough*) was in town, but I was frankly too wiped out to be up for much in the socializing department. Mostly I stayed home and either slept or watched cartoons. It’s like my brain just shut down and refused to reboot.

I’m still working on that reboot, so I’ll go ahead and launch into some links – rather than try to string some lucid thoughts together:

  • Tor’s steampunk sale – In honor of Tor.com’s “Steampunk Week,” three of their top genre titles are on sale in ebook form for $2.99 a pop (including Boneshaker). US only, I’m afraid. I wish it were otherwise.

  • Cat-herding the Wild Cards – I love this review, mostly because of all the pity it directs my way. But no pity is necessary! George did all the major cat-herding for Fort Freak; I just did the rewriting.

  • ZomBcon and me – Yeah, ZomBcon. I’ll be there, probably on Friday afternoon/evening. Should be fun!

  • The Horrible, Amazing, Odd Story Behind the Stories of Thackery T. Lambshead – Background info and lore re: that wonderful compendium. I’m exceedingly proud to have been part of it.

  • The Eden trilogy gets some love – From the Hopeful Librarian blog. I’m always happy to see those books get a little attention; they were my first books, and I remain quite fond of them. I am also quite curious to see how well they do in England, when they’re released overseas later this year and next.

In other news, no – there still is no other news. I mean, there is news, but I still haven’t been given the go-ahead to share it. Trust me when I tell you that it’s all very cool, and I wish like hell I were able to share.

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