On the road again

Hey everyone – tomorrow morning I’m leaving for California on day-job business, sometime before dawn (*gulp*). I won’t be back until Tuesday night, so if anyone needs me for anything … sorry! I’ll be checking email and messages regularly, but I might not be in a position to respond. Anyway. I’ll catch up to life, […]

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam

Two bits of good news to close out the week – one is good for me, one is good for other people. As follows: (1). Boneshaker is going to Turkey! I believe this makes the tenth language translation for the little book that just won’t quit. Huzzah, hooray, and it’s Istanbul not Constantinople! (2). It’s […]

This many things make a post

In the last week or two I’ve gotten quite a lot of email regarding my vampire books, Bloodshot and Hellbent – asking when the next one comes out. I’ve posted about this before, but it looks like it’s time to post again, so here goes: The answer is – I don’t know. The Cheshire Red […]