There’s precious little to report today, I’m afraid – though yes, I do remember how I said there’d be awesome announcements here, and very soon. Well, sometimes announcements get delayed a tiny bit. These things happen! And the news will definitely be revealed soon – before the end of the week, or so I have been told.

I have also been told that patience is a virtue, but let’s be honest – I kind of suck at it.


This has been an day-job-work day, all day long – though I did pause to investigate a frequently asked question with regards to Ganymede.

In short, people have been asking me about Ganymede‘s audiobook status; so I pestered my marvelous editor (Liz), hoping she’d know off the top of her head, and would not be sent on some kind of dungeon-crawling mini-quest through the bowels of Tor. Of course, I accidentally sent her on a dungeon-crawling mini-quest … but she valiantly returned with the answer – so now, I pass it along to you: Where is the Ganymede audiobook? We don’t know! Ha!

No, no – it’s not really so sad and weird as that. It’s just another delay, which is the story of my life right now, but things could be worse. The audiobook was supposed to drop on the same day as the trade paperback, but clearly it did not; however, it should be live any day now. Any moment, even!

Keep an eye on the book’s listing at Macmillan. You’ll see it linked there, when everything is GO. Meanwhile, here are the other useful links that will take you to that book – and don’t forget, writers love friendly reader reviews, so please let me gently encourage you to post and share your thoughts at the vendor of your preference.