Ganymede_cov_REV It’s finally here! Ganymede officially hits stores – and e-readers, and online retailers – today!

And I do very much hope you’ll take a chance on this, my fourth Clockwork Century novel,* set in my alternate history universe with a drawn-out American Civil War complicated by a peculiar form of zombie uprising!

I have more fun with these books than should frankly be allowed, and if you’re interested in diving into the series, this is as good a place as any to get started. Would it be somewhat helpful to have read the others first? Sure, I guess. But each of these stories is written to let people read along without feeling too lost.

This is a franchise more than a series, so please don’t be put off by the prospect of not being all caught up with the other stories yet. If you dig pirates, airships, Victorian submarines, espionage, zombies, and ass-kicking … this might well be the book for you!

Here – allow me to provide you with links, for your clicking pleasure:

Man, I dipped into the exclamation marks again. Well, can you blame me? I’m so terribly excited about this one! Now I just have to run around all over the internet, updating my websites and widgets and information, oh my …

Thanks for reading, everyone, and if you take a chance on this weird little book, I do hope you enjoy it!

* Counting Clementine, a smaller project that was released through Subterranean Press. If you’re wondering why it’s so hard to come by as of late, click here.