So the SFWA reader series event was a blast! We had a great crowd and the readings went smashingly. I absolutely recommend this series, both as a participant and an attendee; it’s one hell of a gig.

As an aside, things got a little weird during the break – when a large, earnest, quiet fellow approached me and insisted from the bottom of his heart that he knew me back in 1969. He was convinced that we used to go berry-picking together in Portland.

He kept asking me where I was in 1969 … and I could only shake my head and tell him, “I wasn’t anywhere at all until 1975.” Still, he spent a few minutes trying to convince me that this couldn’t possibly be the case – raising the implication that I feed on the blood of the living, I suppose; and he finally took his leave when one of the event organizers gently ushered him off.

The encounter was odd, but not particularly alarming.
And hey, it could’ve been worse.

Anyway, now I feel the need to provide you all with a link round-up, for they are beginning to accumulate over on my Twitter feed. So here you go – all the news that’s fit to list:

  • Boneshaker is going to Japan! The link reflects back to my freshly updated bibliography page, as there isn’t an official announcement or anything. But to say the least, I am utterly delighted. (This means that my books will have been translated into nine(!!!) languages. Holy shit!)

  • The Northwest BookFest – This is where I’ll be the first weekend of October, kicking around Kirkland, Washington (near Seattle). Catch me at noon on Saturday with some of the usual suspects (Kat and Mark, plus Mark Teppo) for a panel about steampunk and urban fantasy.

  • Convent of the Pure – My friend Sara Harvey has just listed her strange and wonderful first novel (which I blurbed!) for 99-cents through Kindle. Have at!

  • Ganymede review: short and sweet – And utterly without spoilers, so I am happy to link it without disclaimers!

  • Ganymede review: significantly longer, and a tiny bit spoilery – But I love this one because it’s always a fantastic feeling when a really thoughtful reader absolutely gets what you’re shooting for. No huge spoilers present, and if you’re curious about the book at all, by all means go click.

  • LitStack reviews Dreadnought – No spoilers, and a lovely review for which I am immensely grateful.

  • GeekSyndicate takes on Bloodshot – I love these guys! Choice quote: “A kickass world that drags you around by something uncomfortable and only lets go so it can do it again.”

  • Popcorn Reads does Hellbent – A review that’s so flattering I almost don’t feel comfortable linking it, but here I go regardless. No spoilers, and the reviewer even includes sample quotes so you can get a feel for the style, if you are so inclined.