Just a heads-up to you speculative-fiction loving Portland-area people – tomorrow night I’ll be appearing with Kat Richardson and Mark Henry as part of the SFWA Northwest Reader Series.

Details are at that link, but for the clicking-averse, here it is in short: McMenamins Kennedy School, 7:00 p.m. No tickets required, but they’d appreciate an RSVP (so I guess you should probably click after all).

As for this bit: “Each event starts with notes from the host, a leading local author, who has selected two of their favorite writers to complete the evening’s theme” … well, that’s the first I’ve heard of it.

These advertised “notes” or “plans” or “clue what’s going on” aside … you will most definitely be treated to me winging it like a mofo. Given that I’ll likely be a couple of drinks deep into the evening, I may well resort to interpretive dance or something.

So come on out, if you’re game!

I’ll read from either Ganymede (if the crowd wants steampunk) or Hellbent (if dirty jokes are more their speed). Mark and Kat are awesome and I vouch for their ability to work a crowd, and hey – if nothing else? Fun stuff going down at a weird, groovy bar that used to be a schoolhouse.