Project: Inexplicables
    Deadline: September 15, 2011
    Present total word count: 114,883 words

Draft Zero is cooling off for a week or so, while I get my day-job work back in gear and up to speed; then I’ll return to Inexplicables before the end of the month, clean it up, and send it off to Liz. Now for lunch, then for a bit of errand-running … and later tonight, maybe some less-cheap-than-usual wine to cap off the first leg of this project. (BOO-YAH)


Every once in awhile, someone will ask me about the name of the airship in my Clockwork Century books. Usually they want to know if it’s a nod to the Kushiel saga – but no, that’s not it. Indeed, the Naamah Darling was originally the Nora Dearest, but every time I typed it out, my brain tried to fill in “Naamah Darling” after my friend Amanda’s LiveJournal handle.

Eventually I gave up and dropped Amanda an email asking if I could swipe her nom d’internet, and she was cool with it, which worked out great for me – otherwise, there would have been a whole lot of finding and replacing in my future.

So why do I bring this up now? Because Amanda and her husband are working on a steampunk adventure of their own … a very adult steampunk adventure. I’m not going to lie to you, Marge: It’s pretty porny. All you people who complain that I don’t have enough sex or romance in my books (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) well, here’s the reason: Paul and Amanda have used it all up.

Those of you who are over eighteen and ready for a steamy afternoon (HA YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE) then by all means, go visit Adventurotica: Full Frontal Fiction. Some of the content is free. That’s right, I said free.

The first taste always is…