Vintage Tomorrows

So here’s a trailer for a very cool thing in which I have participated: the upcoming documentary Vintage Tomorrows. I appear in this clip, but only for about three seconds – which is great, because I can totally pretend to be a civilized, authoritative adult for about three seconds.

Watch this! Get excited about this! And when you’re finished with the trailer, click the jump below the YouTube window to see a couple of promo shots (of me and James Carrott) taken by photographer Ben Z Mund. Because it was a KILLER setting for pictures.

My hair refused to cooperate that day, so I had it up in a very large art deco comb, which you can see in the one shot. How it escapes the other is a mystery, because it’s about the size of my face.

vintage tomorrows 1

vintage tomorrows 5

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