Apparently this is the cover of HELLBENT (*Post title stolen from a tweet, re: a confusing and ultimately misread note about this book which made me giggle.)

Today is the day – Release Day! – for my eleventh(!!!*) novel, Hellbent! [:: insert flailing Kermit icon of indescribable joy HERE ::]

If you’ve been following along, you know already that this is the follow up to Bloodshot, and it’s chock full of dirty jokes, drag queens, magic, and kittens. You can read the first 50 pages of it here for free, at your leisure (should you doubt me).

Please pick it up! If you like it, please tell a friend! That’s how writer-type folks such as myself are able to (a). continue writing, and (b). eat.


Friends! Countrypersons! Other sorts! Lend me your ears: The “Negotiable Handbasket” contest is OVER – not that this you should stop you from talking about your charity of preference. You are, of course, welcome to continue to post over there; the entry has gotten a great deal of traffic, and the groups you suggest and support might still pick up a few pence due to your efforts.

But all the winners have been (utterly randomly) picked; the packages are are packed up; and I’ll be dropping the loot into the post today.


So! Thanks for reading, everyone – and later on tonight I’ll try to come back and blog about having my wonderful out-of-towners in town, and providing word metrics, and giving you an end-of-day tally re: the vast, ridiculous volume of errands I need to run and stuff I need to tackle today. But for now, I leave you with a list o’ digital places where you can pick up Hellbent (or anything else of mine, really), and I bid you all a good morning – plus a fabulous foreshortened week!

* As some have been quick to point out, Hellbent is really sort of my 12th book – if you count Fort Freak. But I only wrote the interstitial bit for that one … which is to say, I wrote more of it than the other contributors did, but it still wasn’t my project alone – not by a long shot.

3 thoughts on “HELLBENT PRIEST*

  1. Les

    Downloading via audible right now! Looking forward to it Cherie.

  2. Congrats on the release! My ebook pre-order actually arrived last night, so I was able to dive in earlier than I expected – I’m loving it already. Enjoy your big day :)

  3. WaywardScooterGirl

    Ordered mine from Kings Bookstore in Tacoma! I should see it on Friday…can hardly wait!

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