Groovy new covers for my first three books

My first three novels – loosely known as The Eden Moore Trilogy – will be re-released in the UK next year, with these revamped covers! I adore the original Palencar art, but I like this re-do a lot too; it’s very unexpected and cool, simple and evocative. Thanks so much to the Titan folks, who […]

September 28, 2011

There’s precious little to report today, I’m afraid – though yes, I do remember how I said there’d be awesome announcements here, and very soon. Well, sometimes announcements get delayed a tiny bit. These things happen! And the news will definitely be revealed soon – before the end of the week, or so I have […]

Happy Ganymede Day!

It’s finally here! Ganymede officially hits stores – and e-readers, and online retailers – today! And I do very much hope you’ll take a chance on this, my fourth Clockwork Century novel,* set in my alternate history universe with a drawn-out American Civil War complicated by a peculiar form of zombie uprising! I have more […]