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I’m often asked if Boneshaker is an adult or a young-adult book, and the answer is always, “Um…yes?”

It was written as a straightforward adult book, but one of the two main protagonists is a 15-year-old boy – so, as it turned out, there’s been a great deal of crossover with the young adult market. Likewise, Boneshaker has been turning up in classrooms – which is fantastic! I am always thrilled, flattered, and delighted to hear about it.

So lately I’ve been getting queries from teachers, wanting to know if I’m aware of – or if I have produced – any guided study questions or lesson plans based around the book. The answer to that, I’m afraid, is, “Um…no?”

Therefore, my questions for you fine educators out there are as follows …

    (1). If you have any such guided study materials, would you be willing to share them?

    (2). If I were to come up with such materials myself, would you be interested in having them?
    (2b). And if so, what kind of things would you like to see?

My mom has been a teacher for thirty years, and I’ve taught before as well – so I do have a frame of reference for the kinds of things that might be called for; but if there’s any interest, I’d prefer to work from your input.

If you’d like to have a conversation about this, please email me at And thanks so much – not just for fighting the good fight in the classroom, but for all your support with this weird little alternate history franchise.

* I think the median age of the students involved is probably “middle to late high school,” but I’ve also had middle school teachers and college teachers bring it up.

One thought on “Calling English/Reading Teachers

  1. I’d be very interested in some relevant teaching materials. I’m a college-level instructor, but Boneshaker is definitely on my list of books I really want to use in a class when I get the chance! I’d probably place it on a Young Adult Speculative Fiction reading list, for what it’s worth.

    Anyway, I don’t have any existing materials for the book, but would be very interested in whatever you come up with–would also be happy to come up with something to contribute if you’re looking!

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