I want to bang on the drum all day

In answer to the most Frequently Asked Question re: yesterday’s post – I’ll probably run the contest through the end of the week, at least. Most likely, I’ll start randomly picking winners and/or launching into shipping on the sixth of next month. To answer the second most Frequently Asked Question – sure, international applicants are […]

All the pretty things are going to hell

Today we are approximately one week out from the official street debut of Hellbent – that is, Book #2 in the Cheshire Red Reports. (‘Tis the sequel to Bloodshot, my first foray into urban fantasy.) September 6 is fast approaching … and here I am with this big fat box of audiobooks and author copies, […]

Calling English/Reading Teachers

I’m often asked if Boneshaker is an adult or a young-adult book, and the answer is always, “Um…yes?” It was written as a straightforward adult book, but one of the two main protagonists is a 15-year-old boy – so, as it turned out, there’s been a great deal of crossover with the young adult market. […]