May the candles on your cake / burn like cities in your wake

Last night was fantastic! If you ever get a chance to see George speak, you should absolutely pounce upon that chance. Even if you are in a sweaty-hot town hall wearing far too many clothes for the occasion, you will absolutely love it, I promise.

* * * * *

People often ask what it was like to work with him on the Wild Cards [on the Fort Freak project], and the answer is easy: I leveled up as a writer by virtue of having his focus and input. I am acutely aware of how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to participate, and I remain utterly, dorkily, cheesey-grinnily proud to have been part of that wild and venerable franchise.

(On Thursday, my husband and I were fortunate enough to join GRRM and his entourage for supper downtown, which was also 100% sterling awesome in every way possible. He has been immensely kind and excessively supportive, and frankly, I can’t thank him enough for just being.)

* * * * *

So today is my birthday. I arrived on planet earth a few hours ago (East Coast time) on this day in 1975, and it’s been a hell of a ride. Some good, some bad. I am daily amazed by how things have gone so far, up to this last year of what I can officially call my “mid-thirties.” I have a fabulous and good-looking husband, a fat and spoiled kitty, an entertainingly pissy fish, and I get to tell stories for a living. Things could definitely be worse!

Speaking of those stories – if you’d like to do a birthday girl a favor, I’m not too proud to make a couple of recommendations:

    (1). If you’ve ever considered trying one of my books, but haven’t yet gotten around to it … perhaps you could consider doing so today. I have quite a list to choose from, and I’m not saying “there’s something for everyone!” because taste is so subjective; but there’s a pretty good spread. Even if you think my material isn’t your bag, there’s always a chance you know somebody who’s keen on zombies, monsters, ghosts, steampunk villains and heroes, or alternate-reality freaks. Books make great gifts!

    (2). If you’ve read any of my books and enjoyed them, please say so. Tell a friend! Leave reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the retail site of your preference. Word of mouth is everything, and especially on the internet, the unhappy people have the loudest voices. (All too often, anyway.)

Click any of the links below to see all my listing at these fine establishments:
Barnes &

Or you can search for an independent store near you through IndieBound.

Don’t forget the University Book Store at the University of Washington. You can order books through them, and I will sign them however you like. No extra charge. Details on this service are available right here if you’re interested.

Anyway! Thanks so much to everyone who has passed along birthday wishes via the usual internet and text message suspects. They have warmed my morning and cheered me greatly on this day which marks my encroaching decrepitude. Likewise, thanks in advance to anyone who participates in Cherie’s Shameless Birthday Book-Buying Plug – because without you readers, we writers would be out of business.

And now I’m going to log off, freshen up, and join my husband for lunch before heading out to see Cowboys and Aliens. Thanks again, and I hope you all have a most excellent weekend!

2 thoughts on “May the candles on your cake / burn like cities in your wake

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ll leave reviews and poster the streets of my humble town informing them of your fine, fine work!

    Cheers, and thanks for all the good times!

  2. Kess

    …sings ~Hippo Birdies two Ewe…~ and then really wishes you a wonderful day. Love that you titled it from the ‘doom’ song. I first heard that at an SCA function.


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