Don’t apologize: No one’s going to save you just because you’re polite

At the risk of making brains explode from coast to coast, I am here to report that I’ve gotten some writing done today. I’ve hit a temporary lull in the day-job work … which meant I had literally no excuse whatsoever not to get off my duff (or onto it, as the case may be) and dive back in to this-here story.

I need to get back into the writing habit. It looks like the next leg of my day-job contract will be a little less frenetic (for lack of a better word), and more of the content/deadline-oriented sort of thing I’m accustomed to; so I must restore my old-fashioned work flow. Day-job in the mornings (and evenings if necessary); writing in the afternoon.

That’s how we get things done, kids.

So here’s today’s progress on my fifth Clockwork Century novel – a book about teenage juvenile delinquents, hypothetical ghosts, and gangland mayhem within the walled city of Seattle … now with Bonus! zombie Sasquatch and the return of everyone’s favorite elderly cross-dressing Native American princess:

    Project: Inexplicables
    Deadline: September 15, 2011
    New words written: 2708 (not bad)
    Present total word count: 25,012 words

    Things accomplished in real life: Daily run/climb; went to grocery store for a desperately needed grocery run; tidied house; exchanged a veritable host of important emails; received a story contract (which I will print/sign/scan/return shortly); did some research.

    Things accomplished in fiction: Discovered the truth about ghosts. Or about one ghost, in particular. It was…not what we expected.

    Next up: Seeing the sights, meeting the players, and trying to prove we’re not insane.

    Total narrative fiction word count for 2011: 25,012 words

And now for two quick links, because I want to post them here before I forget:

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