Month: April 2011

I’m doing science

Still alive over here, people. Just snowed under with work and gradually digging out. Today I’m already behind schedule, because I utterly forgot that the husband was off work (for some reason) and had not set his alarm. Went to bed around eleven. Woke up around the next eleven. That’s twelve hours, people. Apparently I needed it.

However, this does mean that all the stuff I planned to work on this morning must now be doubled-up on top of afternoon work.

This is less than ideal, but generally okay. After all, it’s Friday, and I have VOWED to give myself a slight break this weekend – and by “break” I mean “go on an epic shopping quest for graduation presents [brother] and Mother’s Day presents [mom, stepmom, grandma].” So there will still be work involved, but it will be a fun, hunter-gatherer sort of work. I might even see about picking up a new dress to wear for the little bro’s graduation in DC next weekend. I deserve a new dress, don’t I?

(More to the point, I work from home – so the vast majority of my wardrobe is not exactly the sort of stuff one typically wears to a dressy-type occasion. I need a won’t-embarrass-anybody-to-see-me-outside-a-goth-bar-or-sci-fi-convention dress.)

Anyway. Let’s see…since last I blogged, here in CherieLand there’s been a lot of work (as mentioned above), a haircut (just a trim and a touch-up), a number of kitty pictures (behold), and Russian rights selling on Dreadnought – which was pretty awesome. And I think that probably brings us all up to date.

Now I need to scare up some breakfast (lunch?) and dive back into my index cards, scratch pads, and notes so that I have something to show from all this brainstorming before the weekend begins in earnest.

[:: zoosh ::]

Back from Atlanta

I’m home now, and furiously trying to get caught up on all the things that backed up while I was out of town. This is particularly tricky since in the last three weeks, I’ve been in San Francisco, Oklahoma City, and Atlanta, respectively. I’ve had more out-of-town than in-town, and if I don’t get all this stuff sorted soon, I’ll be snowed under beyond hope.

But I did want to come up for air long enough to post about FroliCon, which was absolutely smashing. The event organizers were delightful, the attendees were awesome, and my fellow guests were their usual fantastic selves. Bonus fun: Thursday and Friday nights, Stacia Kane crashed with me teenage sleepover-style, so on top of all the usual hobnobbing I had someone with whom to watch cartoons and eat snack machine junk food.

Speaking of Stacia and the sleepover – it got off to a rough start. Shortly after we’d checked in and settled down for the first night, someone pulled the fire alarm, sending me and Stacia out into the parking lot in our jammies … having toted everything important down ten flights of stairs. False alarm, of course.

(Other points of excitement included a power outage that caught me on an escalator, stuck in a domino line of falling fan people.* My feet were bathed in candy, which poured like a delicious waterfall from some unfortunate soul’s Easter basket.)

Of course, I also got to see a great number of people who I haven’t chatted with in years, many from my old V:TM** days; and likewise I caught up with more recent cronies such as Austin Sirkin and his wife Megan Maude, Cindy McLeod and the rest of the AnachroCon gang, Eugie and Matt Foster, and too many others to list here without boring the lot of you.

Suffice it to say, I had a most excellent time – and I heartily, thoroughly thank everyone who made the weekend so damn cool.


* Yes, yes. I know. Escalators are never “Temporarily out of order.” They are only “Temporarily stairs.” Thank you, Mitch Hedberg.
** If you have to ask, you don’t care about the answer. I promise.

On FroliCon tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I’m heading out once again, this time for FroliCon in Atlanta. I’ll arrive in the evening (losing a few hours due to time change), so it’s a long day of travel – but I’m looking forward to being back in the south, even if it’s only for a few days … especially since I’m skipping DragonCon.

Anyway, you know the drill. I’ll be making posts and putting up pictures on my Twitter page, but I likely won’t be blogging. (All my tweets cross-post to Facebook, too.)

I hope to see some of you there – and if you spot me running around, or bouncing around, or sitting around looking confused, come on up and say “hello.” My 10-foot personal NO SHYNESS force field will protect you, and so long as I am not in a restroom or midway through chewing something, I am happy to sign books/magazines/whatever you like. That’s what I’m there for!

So. Yes.

Now I’m logging off to be productive, get some work done, and get all my travel stuff together. Everyone have a great week/weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday.