Nova Albion Recap

I’m home now, and utterly wiped out (as one tends to be in the wake of awesomness); and I’m not entirely certain I’m capable of doing a total and thorough convention report. Yet I absolutely, firmly, happily wish to state that Nova Albion was a roaringly great time and I can’t thank the organizers enough for bringing me in.

And let me just say this, in brief:

The panels were well attended and generally a great deal of fun – I truly enjoyed the programming; there were more vendors than I think I’ve ever seen at any given event; the halls were packed with spectacular costumes; the con-suite was posh with tea and cookies; my fellow guests were exceptional people one and all; and even the hotel food was good.* I was psyched and delighted to spend time with old friends/colleagues such as Paul and Anina and my swell-as-hell Tor editor Liz – and it was great to meet and hobnob with people I’ve known online but not in person, such as Jaymee Goh, Kathy Sedia (from whom I nabbed my contributor’s copy of Bewere the Night) and James Ng (from whom I bought art prints, oh yes). Likewise, I had a blast hanging/spending real time with Gail Carriger and Ay-Leen the Peacemaker – both of whom I’d met before, but more or less in passing.

Speaking of the divine Ms. C … as you may or may not know, there have been rumors in the past that she and I are, in fact, the very same person. This rumor launched and took flight in the wake of the Locus cover we shared, and it was able to run for a surprising while partly because she and I didn’t meet until a few months ago. (Therefore, you see, no one had ever seen us together at the same time. Ahem.)

We’ve had fun with this ever since. Maybe too much fun – swapping out our nametags and signs, and generally not doing our best to squash the rumor so much as have a lovely time with it. As a result, at this event Gail was asked to sign two of my books, and I was asked to sign one of hers. Due to the…um…confusion. Which we certainly have not fostered. Except, maybe, a little bit.

But only when it was funny.
[Edited to add: This proves nothing!]

Anyway. Yes! Suppers were had. Drinks were downed. Gossip and theory and chatter and mayhem did occur. I was absolutely charmed from start to finish, and once again, I extend my thanks to everyone involved. Now, I must crash – as my cat is demanding the computer chair and I think that if I relocate to the couch with this laptop, I will fall asleep due to its comfy, comfy warmth.

For I am very tired.

But tomorrow, there will be an announcement.
Stay tuned!

* I know, right?

3 thoughts on “Nova Albion Recap

  1. sara

    I’m really tired of you linking to people who end up costing me money. Seriously. I’m on a budget.
    As a result of this post, I bought Gail Carriger’s novel Soulless. I am on the cusp of buying one of Ng’s prints, which, by the way, are superb.* And Carringer linked to the Fashion week line up of Jason Wu, and I can only say that its a good thing I have no money.

    Stop it immediately.

    *There are too many commas in this sentence and I don’t know which one(s) needs to go. Yes, I was an English Major. But mostly I just read stuff.


  3. Joylyn

    OK, you and Gail Carriger look like long lost twins! That is creepy and cool at the same time.

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