All right everybody, here we go – I’m all packed up* (mostly) for the Nova Albion Steampunk Exposition…which is good, since I’m flying out to San Jose first thing in the morning. This ought to be a hoot and a half, and I’m very much looking forward to it – not just because of the excellent company in which I find myself.

So! Like I always say, if you’re at this event and you’d like to come say “hi” or ask me to sign a book or something – then by all means feel free to do so at any time.

I’m assigned to a lot of programming so I’ll be easy to find in an official capacity, but don’t feel like you can’t stop me in the hall or say hello in the dealers’ room or wherever; I promise, it doesn’t bother me. This kind of thing is literally what I’m there for.

I’d make this a longer entry but I have a few more things to tackle (work-wise) before declaring myself fit to fly to California, so I’m going to log off and make myself productive. As per the usual, I likely won’t be blogging much here while I’m gone; but you can likely expect regular tweetage and pictures. Adjust your digital stalking accordingly!

* Carry-on only, I’ll have you to know. Because I’m a wizard.