Month: March 2011

Lipstick stained and whipcream lies

I keep beginning this post and then deleting my progress, only to start over again – because I find it tedious when people make posts about all the super-secret things they can’t post about. And yet, here I am. And here I go: It’s been a busy few days, but mostly it’s been busy with things that cannot yet be blogged for public consumption.

Suffice it to say that big things are in the works, and I’ll tell you all about them when I can. But for now, I’m really very busy Taking Care Of Business over here, so posting/tweeting/facebooking might be light for a few days.


Today I cleaned out Ziggy’s tank for the first time since we brought him home. He was a huge drama queen about it; I gently scooped him into a Ziplock baggie for low-stress safekeeping while I scrubbed his homestead, but you would’ve thought I was dangling him over a blender and saying nasty things about his mother. Finally, he gave up – and so great was his exhaustion and existential angst, that he flopped at the bottom of the baggie and played dead.

Yet remarkably, when he was reintroduced to his squeaky-clean quarters, he fluffed back up again and now appears just freaking fine, thank you very much. But he still wants me to fuck right off. The nerve of me, maintaining his hygiene and comfort. Clearly I am some sort of monster.

(He is very, very good at expressing disapproval … particularly for a creature without any eyebrows.)


And now it is time for links. Why? Because they’ve been piling up on my Twitter channel and if I don’t unload them here, I will forget about them. That’s why.

  • A truer comic was never drawn – On Seattle weather, a local artist nails it. I feel peculiarly vindicated.

  • It’s steampunk week at Stellar Four – They’re giving away a prize pack, including some goodies from yours truly. Go click and learn how to enter.

  • Vampire Librarian likes Bloodshot – I, for one, am glad to see that even in these troubled economic times, the undead are finding gainful employment.

  • Fan creates an RPG (based off the FATE platform) for Dreadnought – A couple of people pointed me at this in case I wanted to get righteously indignant re: copyright infringement, but they needn’t have bothered. I think this is super-cool! The dude in question is just doing this for giggles, playing with his friends. I’m always flattered when readers are so inspired that they want to participate in the story.

To give that last bullet point a little more meat, let me add this with regards to fan-created derivative works: If you want to draw characters, or create casual games for non-commercial use, or make costumes, or whatever when it comes to my Clockwork Century stories … that’s wild! Knock yourself out. Have a wonderful time, and feel free to send me pictures.

But fan-fiction is a slightly different story, in that I can get in trouble for reading it. (There are legal reasons that I must stay the hell away from it.) However, there’s not really anything I can do to stop anybody from writing it – and frankly, I have better things to do with my time than yell at people on the internet.

So all I ask is that if you do write your own stories using my world-setting or characters, please (a). don’t turn a profit on them, and (b). don’t show them to me. Kindly respect these two requests, and I won’t feel obligated to chase you down and fuss at you.


Chasing Steampunk with Steampunk

I believe I promised you an announcement this morning…and before anyone hops all over me for my loose definition of “morning”, kindly keep in mind that I am on the West Coast and it’s barely 9:00 a.m. here. Yes, thank you.

So! While I was at Nova Albion, something rather awesome got leaked, or released, or otherwise handed out to the internet. I saw it just in time to link it via Twitter/Facebook before hopping on a plane home; but I really do feel like the whole shebang deserves its own post.

In short, the official flap copy to this fall’s Ganymede (follow-up to Dreadnought) found its way to the internet…alongside the book’s official cover.* Therefore, should you opt to click the jump, you will see the full! color! Ganymede cover! posted alongside its handy-dandy jacket copy.

You ready?
You set?
You click below:

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Nova Albion Recap

I’m home now, and utterly wiped out (as one tends to be in the wake of awesomness); and I’m not entirely certain I’m capable of doing a total and thorough convention report. Yet I absolutely, firmly, happily wish to state that Nova Albion was a roaringly great time and I can’t thank the organizers enough for bringing me in.

And let me just say this, in brief:

The panels were well attended and generally a great deal of fun – I truly enjoyed the programming; there were more vendors than I think I’ve ever seen at any given event; the halls were packed with spectacular costumes; the con-suite was posh with tea and cookies; my fellow guests were exceptional people one and all; and even the hotel food was good.* I was psyched and delighted to spend time with old friends/colleagues such as Paul and Anina and my swell-as-hell Tor editor Liz – and it was great to meet and hobnob with people I’ve known online but not in person, such as Jaymee Goh, Kathy Sedia (from whom I nabbed my contributor’s copy of Bewere the Night) and James Ng (from whom I bought art prints, oh yes). Likewise, I had a blast hanging/spending real time with Gail Carriger and Ay-Leen the Peacemaker – both of whom I’d met before, but more or less in passing.

Speaking of the divine Ms. C … as you may or may not know, there have been rumors in the past that she and I are, in fact, the very same person. This rumor launched and took flight in the wake of the Locus cover we shared, and it was able to run for a surprising while partly because she and I didn’t meet until a few months ago. (Therefore, you see, no one had ever seen us together at the same time. Ahem.)

We’ve had fun with this ever since. Maybe too much fun – swapping out our nametags and signs, and generally not doing our best to squash the rumor so much as have a lovely time with it. As a result, at this event Gail was asked to sign two of my books, and I was asked to sign one of hers. Due to the…um…confusion. Which we certainly have not fostered. Except, maybe, a little bit.

But only when it was funny.
[Edited to add: This proves nothing!]

Anyway. Yes! Suppers were had. Drinks were downed. Gossip and theory and chatter and mayhem did occur. I was absolutely charmed from start to finish, and once again, I extend my thanks to everyone involved. Now, I must crash – as my cat is demanding the computer chair and I think that if I relocate to the couch with this laptop, I will fall asleep due to its comfy, comfy warmth.

For I am very tired.

But tomorrow, there will be an announcement.
Stay tuned!

* I know, right?