I took her by the looking glass and forced her to agree

I’d like to pretend it’s been a busy day over here at chez nous, but really we were so bored that we went to the mall for lunch (mmm…TacoTime) and then headed to Target so I could get a new bedside lamp. My old one tried to catch fire and melt into goo last night, so I figured the time had come.

Thrilling, I know.

In other news, work progresses (slightly less) slowly but surely on Inexplicables. Since the September deadline may as well be a million years away, I’m able to be a little careful with it…which is good, because this is a very different sort of protagonist for me. It’s taking some time, learning my way around his head.

He’s a reprehensible little shit, really. A cowardly juvenile delinquent who lies to orphans, steals from nuns, and nurses a nasty drug habit that’s bound to kill him sooner rather than later. He’s also a terrified kid who runs away from home before he can be thrown out, undertaking a what’s essentially a suicide mission to confront his own guilt over [:: spoiler redaction – something he did six months previously ::]. He’s either being haunted by the ghost of a bitter ex-friend, or his mind is actually starting to slip – courtesy of all those drug-fried brain cells.

And he has no idea which one is the case.

So … yeah. It’s a shift in gears.

People have been asking when I’ll start fleshing out these word stats, and the answer is “in a bit.” I have my reasons for playing this one close to my vest at present, not least of all because I’m not yet 100% certain I’ve found the right beginning place. I’m fairly sure I’ve got it nailed down, but it doesn’t really feel like a toehold on the story until I’ve got 10,000-12,000 words for an anchor.

Superstitious? Sure, I guess. Silly? That too.
But there you go.

Project: Inexplicables
Deadline: September 15, 2011
New words written: 1611
Present total word count: 5853 words

* Which is not to say that I wasn’t working. I was doing rewrites and editorial on two other books, Hellbent and Ganymede more or less simultaneously. I just wasn’t composing any new material, that’s all. It’s a totally different brain wavelength.
* World’s laziest transition. Yes, I know. But I’m tired and I don’t care.

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