You’re so natural – religiously unkind

Last night after yelling at my only-partially-functioning Wii controller for about twenty minutes, I discovered that SOMEONE had vigorously chewed through the system’s sensor cable … biting it into multiple pieces, and basically nomming it into mulch.

I say “I” discovered this. Actually my husband figured it out; but he’s one of the suspects in this cable-munching misdemeanor, and for all I know his “discovery” of the crime might only be part and parcel of an elaborate alibi.

Look, only three carbon-based lifeforms with teeth live under this particular roof – and I know I didn’t chomp through the cable. That leaves my husband and the cat. And if I honestly thought the cat had done it, I’d have to turn her into a pair of mittens. So for now, I’m tentatively blaming the husband.


Today on our way back from our CPA’s office, we swung by Northgate and picked up a wireless sensor bar … all the better to thwart any future cord-nibbling from two-footed and four-footed fiends alike. Now it is installed, and all is once again right in the world. Me and my MarioKart can carry on as before.

At least, I can carry on once I get some work done.

As mentioned above, we’ve been out for the morning/early afternoon – most of that time spent getting our taxes sorted. Or semi-sorted. We still have some numbers to nail down with regards to the coffee shop’s particulars, but by and large, we know what Uncle Sam expects from us and that’s something of a relief. But since I lost most of the day to that brand of errand-running, I now must settle in and be productive.

First … a few links:

  • A Boneshaker quiz on GoodReads – Composed and compiled by some charmingly hilarious person with entirely too much free time … but hey, it made me laugh.

  • The Iron Thorn releases today – My friend Caitlin Kittredge’s young adult steampunk novel set in the city of Lovecraft – come and get it! I loved it a lot, and even threw down a bit of blurbage to recommend it. I don’t do that very often, people. But it really was that good.

  • Iron Crowned is also fresh on the shelves – My friend Richelle Mead likewise has a metallic book on deck today, though hers is more for the older crowd. It too is fantastic – her Eugenie books are absolutely wild.

  • SFWA has announced the Nebula nominees – And it’s a great list! Many congratulations to everyone who made it – particularly to (another friend and all-around outstanding human being) Mary Robinette Kowal, for scoring a spot in the Novel category with Shades of Milk and Honey. This is another book I blurbed – one of the very, very few. SEE? I totally have awesome taste. You should always trust my recommendations.

3 thoughts on “You’re so natural – religiously unkind

  1. You can get a wireless Wii sensor bar. No more wires for your husband (or cat) to chew!

  2. Yup. And we did!
    The cat scowled as she watched me install it.
    Little fiend.

  3. The Wii is great, but it’s not World of Warcraft lol. Don’t try it cuz you’ll never get any work done once you start playing.

    Thanks for keeping up the great blogging, it’s inspiring and entertaining. Well, I better get back to work now, or playing WoW for a bit, can’t decide :D


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