Looking at stars that give you vertigo

No new words written today. Yes, I know. I just announced yesterday that I was On The Case. But other things have intervened today, and there wasn’t any writing, and I’m at peace with that, okay? I’ll write tomorrow. I hope. That’s the plan, anyway. For now, I will round up a few links, and then get back to the business of … whatever other business I have on my plate tonight. I think Nova: Science Now! is new, so I’ll probably shoehorn that into the schedule someplace, as I am a big ol’ dork with a moderately unhealthy fondness for Neil deGrasse-Tyson.


    King of the Nerds critiques the Clementine audiobook – “Clementine was a fun listen and I was more than a little disappointed that there wasn’t more once the novella was over. Not that things weren’t wrapped up in a satisfactory manner, they were, but mostly because I had enjoyed my time with the characters so much that I didn’t really want it to end.”

    Speaking of, here’s how you can get the audiobook – Right here, through Audible. Ten bucks! Can’t beat it if you try.

    Urban Fantasy Investigations tackles Bloodshot – And the verdict: ” Raylene’s personality is awesome, she is independent, sassy and is an all around kick ass Heroine. The plot was engaging, and packed full of action. The mystery kept me thinking and guessing and I was still shocked at the end to find out what was really going on.” Though I’m most pleased about the bit where the reviewer says she never got bored with it. [:: warm fuzzies ::]

    My awesome friend Janet K. Lee gives awesome X-men – “Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the artist of Jane Austen’s EMMA, Janet K. Lee (Return of the Dapper Men), stunning variant cover to UNCANNY X-MEN #534 depicting the one and only Emma Frost!”

    My awesome friend Pete Venters is posting sneak peeks – Re: the Transmetropolitan project in which he is participating. “This is a small snippet of a sketch of something else I’m doing for the Transmet Art Book that’s not actually part of my double page submission. If you’re a big fan of Transmet you may recognize some faces.”

2 thoughts on “Looking at stars that give you vertigo

  1. After last night’s Nova Science Now, I keep looking at my cats and wondering why they can’t fetch things like Chaser. Unfair, yes, but here we are.

  2. Patrick Doris

    I hope that Inexplicables has Zombies my only complaint about Clementine is that it had no Zombies and Dreadnought did not have enough Zombies. I did like the images of the evil Doctor using the solar cannon to pick off rotters.

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