The Blank Page: Conquered

For the last few days, I’ve been struggling with myself over how to start the next Clockwork Century book. Honestly, I hadn’t done any writing in weeks – not since wrapping up the sample content for that steam-horror proposal – and it’s always tough to get back into the habit once you’ve let it lapse.

Just like anything else, I guess.

But in addition to the struggle to reestablish the habit, there’s also this godawful uncertainty about starting anything new – wondering if I’m getting the pitch right, hoping it’s not stupid and I’m not deluding myself, and what does this damn thing want to sound like, anyway? Eventually after fiddling with it, playing with it, starting it and deleting everything a few times, something will finally … catch. And then, voila: I have a beginning.

Well, I think it’s happened now.

This might not be the beginning that makes its way into the finished book. More than once I’ve chucked the first chapter (or two, or three) upon realizing that those early pages weren’t working and the book needed to get underway differently. This is not to say that those chapters are useless – far from it. Sometimes you have to write through a certain measure of the wrong stuff in order to work up to the right stuff. It’s just a fact of the process. (Mine, anyway. Your mileage may vary.)

Anyway. The next book – tentatively titled Inexplicables – is underway. I’ll keep particulars to myself for a bit, if you don’t mind, until I have some traction on the story. But for now, here are a few piddly stats (early stats are always piddly), and official declaration that I’m On It.

And now I have to stay on it.
Because I’ve told you about it.

Project: Inexplicables
Deadline: September 15, 2011
New words written: 1052
Present total word count: 1052 words

8 thoughts on “The Blank Page: Conquered

  1. Amy

    Eep, I think you’ve missed your deadline! ;o)

    Yay for new projects, I’m excited for you!

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re up and running. I just finished Dreadnought and am looking forward to another Clockwork Century novel. You’re on a roll, just keep it going!

  3. Matt

    My spouse and I have loved each of the three books that have come out so far. We can’t wait for more!
    Good luck!

  4. Les

    Heck ya!

  5. Stacey McBroome

    Great to hear you’ve broken through. I hope the project goes smoothly for you from now on. There is nothing worse than that damn blank page, nothing!

  6. It’s reassuring to hear that even established authors have the same trepidations about starting something new. The evidence certainly suggests that you’ll do fine.

  7. I’ve enjoyed all 5 published stories in the Clockwork Century so far, so I’m quite excited about Ganymede and Inexplicables. Keep up the good work.

    (BTW, Bloodshot arrived a few days ago. I expect to start on it soon.)

  8. Its great to hear that the next Clockwork book is now officially in the works. I was wondering what you used to set up your word counter, i’m interested in trying something similar to track the process on a piece id like to try writing

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