Functionaller. Nerdier. More podcasty.

I’ll take “Things That Deserve Their Own Post” for a thousand, Alex. Answer: What is the Functional Nerds Podcast? Question: Where did Cherie go nattering on about steampunk, Bloodshot, publishing, and southern barbecue for half an hour or so? Correct. We also would’ve accepted, “What is awesome, and you should go click through and listen because those guys pretty much rule?”

Speaking of Bloodshot, the King of the Nerds liked it quite well. So that was one more nice bit of nerd-related news to wake up to, today.

2 thoughts on “Functionaller. Nerdier. More podcasty.

  1. Functionaller? Inconceivable! But, I agree with the King of the Nerds. And you were right, it is most definitely teh awesome.

  2. Wow! Thanks Cherie. We loved having you on the show. You have an open invitation to come back whenever you want. Best of luck with BLOODSHOT!

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