I don’t feel you anymore, you darken my door

Links! Some for me, for general reference purposes – and some for you, in case you are sitting on the fence with regards to any book-buying. I don’t want to turn this page into a shopping network channel, but hey, it’s the slow season for sales, I often post about other things … and I’ve got a kitty to feed. So here goes:

    Bart’s Bookshelf takes on Boneshaker – Thanks for taking the time, dude! I’m glad you liked it.

    River City Fiction on Dreadnought – As part of their “Write Around Richmond” series. “It’s far from Richmond International Airport, but I picture dirigibles climbing into a clear sky above Tredegar Iron Works. Dreadnought is the first steampunk novel I’ve read, and I must admit I love picturing RVA all steamy and punky.”

    Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women – Looks like it might be an interesting book. Will keep my eyes open for it – as I’m always interested in (a). vintage photography, and (b). historic beauty standards, and people who fell within them, without them, and alongside them.

    Bitch, Please – If you’re familiar with the whole Bitch YA feminist reading list fiasco, then click here to read words of wisdom from Scott Westerfeld. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. Or click anyway, and be enlightened.

    Books: Not dead yet. The Atlantic goes to town with some numbers re: the publishing industry, book sales, and analysis. Do I agree with every jot and tittle? Not necessarily. But it’s nice to see someone putting down figures rather than ringing the death knell.

And because I am shameless, and I have a new book out, and I want people to buy it and read it and recommend it…(what? I said “shameless” first, didn’t I?) … here are some handy-dandy links.

Order signed/personalized copies of Bloodshot from the University Book Store in Seattle

Find Bloodshot at Amazon.com
Find Bloodshot at Barnes & Noble
Find Bloodshot at Third Place Books
Find Bloodshot at Powell’s
Find Bloodshot at Borders.com
Find Bloodshot at Chapters/Indigo for Canadian buyers

Pick up Bloodshot as an ebook from any of the vendors and in any of the formats on the right-hand column of this page

Nab Bloodshot as an audio book – even on CD! – through any of the outlets you see on the right-hand column of THIS page

2 thoughts on “I don’t feel you anymore, you darken my door

  1. Thanks for including River City Fiction with these great links. I enjoyed Dreadnought, and I’m looking forward to Bloodshot.

  2. Mary

    That’s one of the reasons I prefer buying hardbacks. (Aside from, yanno, they tend to last longer in my household than paperbacks.) According to the info I was given, publishers – and authors – get more from hardbacks sold than in other formats. Is that true? But, more than those other reasons, there’s something about holding a hardback in my hands/lap while I read it, and the whispers the pages make as they rub against each other. There’s something about the smell of the pages and the ink that takes me back to the first time I ever entered a library (at the age of 4). I don’t have to have any electricity – battery or otherwise – to read printed books. I feel the same about printed books as I do about the double space – you can have it when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. *grin*

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