everybody’s working for the weekend

Last night I had martinis with the usual crew (plus a new-to-towner who will likely become a regular, methinks), and then I headed home to indulge in trashy television, a couple of Advil, and some laughing at the things people sent me in response to yesterday’s repost of the Shakespearean Cat Break.

Anyway, here goes the week – winding down – and I have a round-up of links and whatnot to post so that (a). you, the readers, have them at your ready disposal, and (b). I do not forget them. I realize this post is another entry into the Book Channel here on the blog, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

  • Seattle Mystery Bookshop – Tomorrow at noon, find me there. I will sign, I will hang out, and I will answer any pressing (or un-pressing) questions you may have about any of my books.

  • Bloodshot gets some love from the Vampire Book Club – “The big story will certainly be told in multiple books, but in Bloodshot I just really fell in love with Raylene. I love a strong heroine, and if nothing else Raylene is assertive and resourceful. Also, she sets a new bar for badass vampire chick. And I dig it.”

  • Dreadnought gets some love from Paper Space Ships – “…readers get to learn more about this alternate America, complete with an independent Texas that serves as a weapons dealer to both sides, the goings-on out west and the far reach of the sap drug since the first novel. The meat of the story however, is Mercy’s train ride west, full of shoot-outs, showdowns and a collection of people who can’t get along all headed in the same direction.”

  • Boneshaker gets some love from Turn The Page Reviews – “I will admit I’m not a fan of zombies, and the “rotters” created by Cherie Priest are truly terrifying because the cause behind the change from human to living dead is somewhat believable. Also her descriptions of them — I get chills just thinking of them.”

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  1. No more Loverboy song titles as blog post titles, please.

    Thank you.

    Carry on my wayward son (daughter).

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