Month: February 2011

Then at a deadly pace it came from (where?) outer space (thank you)

Today I did a few loads of laundry in advance of this weekend’s travel to Wild Wild West Con in Tucson,* so once again my drawers are fully stocked – and tomorrow I can plot what I plan to wear while out of town. I need to know precisely what I’m dealing with from a packing standpoint.

I can often bend space and time with one rolly carry-on, no lie; but in case for some reason I can’t change the laws of physics to suit my whims, I have no problem wearing extra stuff onto the damn plane.

Lest you think I’m joking, I have gone through security wearing (no shit) two fluffy cotton skirts plus crinolines, three shirts, a vest, a sweater, tights, and two pairs of socks. Do I always get a pat-down and a time-out in the radioactive phone booth? Sure. Do I care? No. Take your peek, get your jollies, and let me put my shoes back on.

I’m not shy. And I’m not checking a bag.

I am, however, posting links before I post today’s (none too impressive) word counts. Behold:

  • Born This Way – I watched Lady Gaga’s new video with no small amount of fascination, not least of all because she keeps pulling improbable objects from her hoo-hah like it’s a magician’s hat.

  • Speaking of hats: I give you Cat Helmet -It’s a picture of my cat sleeping on my husband’s head. It cracked me up and made me go “awwww!” so now I share it with you.

  • Immodest link is immodest – Mostly I’m just chuffed that there’s a Tampa Steampunk community of any sort. I know it was hard as hell to be a goth when I was in Tampa; maybe being a steampunk is easier. It still involves wearing a lot of layers, but generally speaking, not so much black. And less melt-able makeup. Carry on, peeps. Keep fighting the good fight, and don’t forget that some of those goggles make kick-ass sunglasses.

  • Bloodshot gets a heck of a review – It’s not all good, but it’s mostly good, and I appreciate that the reader went to such trouble, and gave the book so much thought. That’s not an easy thing to do, as I know all too well from experience.

  • i09 looks forward to Bloodshot – Which is only funny because the book is already out. Not that I’m complaining! Anytime i09 wants to recommend me for anything, I am all up on it. I just don’t want people to be sitting around, all dying with anticipation and everything…when the book is readily available right this moment, y’all.

  • Dreadnought likewise sees some digital action – Courtesy of the Laaaadies (and books) blog. Many thanks to the laaaadies, and I hope you have fun with the other books in the franchise, too.

All righty. Now that I’ve gotten the links out of my system, here are today’s stats. Don’t get your hopes up. The numbers will only disappoint you. (Still, not the worst figures I’ve posted as of late. Slow and steady wins the race, or that’s the word on the street.)

Project: Inexplicables
Deadline: September 15, 2011
New words written: 1341
Present total word count: 7194 words

* Which for some reason, I can never spell correctly on the first try.

I took her by the looking glass and forced her to agree

I’d like to pretend it’s been a busy day over here at chez nous, but really we were so bored that we went to the mall for lunch (mmm…TacoTime) and then headed to Target so I could get a new bedside lamp. My old one tried to catch fire and melt into goo last night, so I figured the time had come.

Thrilling, I know.

In other news, work progresses (slightly less) slowly but surely on Inexplicables. Since the September deadline may as well be a million years away, I’m able to be a little careful with it…which is good, because this is a very different sort of protagonist for me. It’s taking some time, learning my way around his head.

He’s a reprehensible little shit, really. A cowardly juvenile delinquent who lies to orphans, steals from nuns, and nurses a nasty drug habit that’s bound to kill him sooner rather than later. He’s also a terrified kid who runs away from home before he can be thrown out, undertaking a what’s essentially a suicide mission to confront his own guilt over [:: spoiler redaction – something he did six months previously ::]. He’s either being haunted by the ghost of a bitter ex-friend, or his mind is actually starting to slip – courtesy of all those drug-fried brain cells.

And he has no idea which one is the case.

So … yeah. It’s a shift in gears.

People have been asking when I’ll start fleshing out these word stats, and the answer is “in a bit.” I have my reasons for playing this one close to my vest at present, not least of all because I’m not yet 100% certain I’ve found the right beginning place. I’m fairly sure I’ve got it nailed down, but it doesn’t really feel like a toehold on the story until I’ve got 10,000-12,000 words for an anchor.

Superstitious? Sure, I guess. Silly? That too.
But there you go.

Project: Inexplicables
Deadline: September 15, 2011
New words written: 1611
Present total word count: 5853 words

* Which is not to say that I wasn’t working. I was doing rewrites and editorial on two other books, Hellbent and Ganymede more or less simultaneously. I just wasn’t composing any new material, that’s all. It’s a totally different brain wavelength.
* World’s laziest transition. Yes, I know. But I’m tired and I don’t care.

I never disrobe before a gunfight

Thus far the day has been somewhat slow and lazy, occupied largely by minor acts of housework, lunch with the husband, and researching an assortment of recreational drug use practices and trying to find out (with enough success to call it for horseshoes or hand grenades) precisely when tin foil came into common usage.

Oh, the things you need to know when you’re writing books.

In my defense, I did in fact get some writing done – and there’s a better than nil chance I’ll do some more this evening, after I’ve gone to the grocery store to resolve the fact that there is nothing in this whole damn apartment upon which I feel like snacking.

Also, I think we’re out of wine. IT IS A WINE EMERGENCY.
I’ll get my cape.

Project: Inexplicables
Deadline: September 15, 2011
New words written: 1178
Present total word count: 4242 words