Today is the day, people — the wait is over! Obsessive-Compulsive vampires! Cuban-American drag queens! Men In Black! Government conspiracies! Foul language! Adventure! Dirty jokes! SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!

Yes, on this fine morning my very first urban fantasy officially lands in bookstores — brick-and-mortar, ebook vendors, audiobook suppliers, and all other venues through which one might wish to acquire a story about a former flapper and daughter of a Pinkerton detective turned undead jewel thief with a bitchy, spangled sidekick.

If any of this sounds like it might be up your alley, I sure do hope I can persuade you to pick up a copy in the format of your choice, from your preferred book purveyor, at your earliest convenience. For you see, this was a hella-fun project and I, for one, would love to see this become a longer series than is presently scheduled.

One sequel is definitely coming (Hellbent, slated for the end of August); but the better (and faster) Bloodshot sells, the greater are the odds that Bantam will want to publish more of them down the line. IT IS MATH. You can’t argue with math.

So! If you are uncertain about something as far removed from what I usually write as oh, say, disco and adorable homeless punk children and parkour addicts named “Trevor” … you can always take this opportunity to go read a FREE SAMPLE of this book right here at

Go on. Click. Read it. I’ll wait.
[:: twiddles thumbs ::]
You back now? Want to take a chance on it?

Want to find out what’s going on with that blind vampire? The covert warehouse? The stubborn squatters? The super secret government program and its batch of supernatural subjects? Well then. Allow me to be of assistance!

And thank you SO MUCH everyone, everywhere, for reading. Thanks to everyone who got an early peek and passed this book around or blogged about it; to all the Amazon Vine members who took the time to review it on that site; and to all the Goodreads folks who likewise threw their opinions into the interwebs.

The encouragement has been invaluable, and I’m just so freaking grateful for all the support … and relieved, and excited, because now it’s out there for real — and I hope the rest of you will give this cheerfully weird little book a chance.