Hello everyone – I’m back! Yes, as usual, I was a terrible blogger while I was out of town; and I was a terrible tweeter, too … except for Saturday night, when I posted a whole bunch of pictures from the bar. Scroll around here to see them. I’d tell you all about who’s in them, and what wackiness is going on, but I got accused of name-dropping on Twitter so NEVER MIND, THEN. Just go look. We had fun.

Actually, the entirety of Confusion 2011 was fantastic. It’s as I said – Michigan has been very good to me; and honestly, I can safely assume that any event with Yanni and Brian involved is going to pretty much rock my face off. I can’t recommend the convention enough, if you’re a writer or fan-person who’s curious about it. GO TO IT.

Likewise, I highly recommend Off The Beaten Path bookstore and cafe. Wonderful little indie shop with a speculative-fiction/steampunk leaning and a kick-ass owner who will bend over backwards for customers and guests alike. You want books? You live in the greater Detroit area? This is where you need to go.

Anyway! I’m back, yes – and playing catch-up like crazy over here. I had about 40 important emails in my inbox this morning, by which I don’t mean Facebook notifications, spam, weird urban legend forwards from my mom, or hate mail … I mean messages that required my actual attention sooner rather than later. All this, in addition to all the assorted writer-business work that landed while I was out of town.

Therefore, please pardon the semi-perfunctory nature of this post because it is not quite 5:00 here and I can still make the post office if I hurry up, log off, and get this cat off my freaking lap. Have a good week everyone, and check back here in the morning. Tomorrow is a big day!