It’s been a few days since last I posted, which is a bit unusual for me – but I do want to assure everyone that I am, in fact, still alive. In case you worried. Or anything.

I’ve actually taken the weekend to do a smidge of extra day-job work, in order to get a leg up on what is turning out to be an epic nightmare of a project (and I’m not even halfway finished); and also … here and there, in the cracks, I’ve even managed to scrape up a smidge of relaxation.

(In the form of too much TV and video gaming, mostly. But the husband and I finally found the end of Resident Evil: Zero, so hey – sense of achievement: achieved.)

Anyway, weekends such as this most recent one make for crappy blogging fodder – and today isn’t looking much better. I just got back from the daily run/climb, and as soon as I pry this cat offa my lap, I’m going to take a shower and get dressed. Then it’s on to more day-job work and some laundry, with lunch shoehorned in there someplace.

THRILLING. Yes, I know.
But don’t say I ever left you in the dark.