Yesterday I had two cavities filled without any anesthetic, which was a first (and wasn’t bad at all, actually). There. And with that nugget of information, I can officially say that this is NOT two days in a row of Strictly Bloodshot News. Because it isn’t. Technically.

HOWEVER. I do have some really great Bloodshot news – as well as the answers to the most oft-asked reader question. And it’s not like I’m just going to sit on this information, you know?

    (1). Here, let me put this in bold: Free sample of Bloodshot, right here, come and get it. That’s right, the first couple of chapters are live as part of Del Rey Spectra’s 50 Page Fridays over at the Suvudu blog – and you can click over there and read them. So if you’ve been on the fence vis-a-vis whether or not obsessive-compulsive vampires, conspiracy theories, and noir-flavored snark might be up your alley … well, here’s your chance to get the first nibble on the house.

    (2). Most oft-asked reader question: Will it be available in ebook format? Answer: Hell yes. You can preorder a digital copy for Amazon’s Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook right now … and it’s coming soon from Sony, Kobo, and everybody you see listed on the right-hand column of this page.

    (2b). As an aside, once it’s officially “out,” you can also nab Bloodshot as an audio book – even on CD! – through any of the outlets you see on the right-hand column of THIS page.

Of course, if you have any other question about this book or its impending availability, just let me know. If I don’t know the answer to your query, I can ask around and see about digging up some useful information. And, because I’m just that kind of excited, opportunistic hock-monkey, here’s a list of links again where you can pick it up online in its trade paperback form.

Anyway, thanks for reading – and thanks for humoring me as I get all this vibratey-buzzy-excitement out of my system in advance of the book’s drop date. This will be book #10 for me, and to date, I can state with absolute confidence and glee that no – it never does get old.