January 6, 2011

Good evening, everyone, and yes – I know I’ve been offline most of the day. This morning was dedicated to day-job work (as per usual), the afternoon was subject to writer business, and then I was fortunate enough to jaunt off for thrifting and drinks with Jillian (later to be joined by Pete for martinis). I was talked into a black velour jacket. Let us speak no more of it.

Anyway! As you can see if you have clicked directly to my main website, things have been swapped up around here, a bit. This tweaking is what ate up the middling, fiddly bits of the afternoon – and yes, I realize it’s not a huge change at the digital homepage.

(Click right here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

In short, I have a site layout which is (a). clean, (b). straightforward, and (c). easy enough for me to maintain on my own time. I don’t have the money to spring for anything shinier or more “professional” looking, and I don’t really feel like doing so, regardless. This is easy. I know how to customize and fix it. It works fine for me. And now, I have changed out the images and colors to better advertise/announce/squee about Bloodshot – the aforementioned OHMYGOD IT’S BEING RELEASED IN JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS urban fantasy coming on January 25th from Bantam.

Yes, well. I feel like it’s important to make mention of that which is most imminently forthcoming.

This is not at all to say that I’m abandoning either my interest in or production of the Clockwork Century books. Far from it! In fact, as you click around, you will see that only the front page banner has been changed – and I’ve adjusted the CC widgets while adding a swank new button to the mix. I write in many styles, in several franchises. ALL WILL BE ACCOMMODATED. Damn straight.

Right. Um, I did mention there had been martinis, right? Salted caramel ones. In chocolate-dipped glasses. Ye gods, it’s a marvel I only had two of them. [:: reminisces fondly ::] So please do pardon any silliness on my part. And, while you’re here, help yourself to clicky links and feel free to bop around, investigating that which is available.

Thanks for reading!

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