On the 25th of this very month, my first foray into urban fantasy hits the streets. Bloodshot, as you may recall, is my fabulous adventure about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy blind client, now with Bonus! Cuban drag queen and military intrigue.


Thus far, the early reviews have been exceedingly good, including a starred nod from Kirkus – plus a fat stack of reviews from the Amazon Vine program and some great advance word-of-mouth courtesy of the fine folks at Goodreads.

As you might assume, I am absolutely delighted, stoked, and ready to burst with antici … pation. [:: Covert drag reference FTW, pats self on back, etc. ::]

Anyway! Just a few minutes ago, I learned that I can now add the ALA’s Booklist to my roster of Reviewers Who Are Prepared To Admit In Front Of God And Everybody That They Liked This Book.

[:: throws the horns ::]

So click the jump to read the review. (Or just keep scrolling, if you’ve hopped directly to this post.) I’d post it above the fold, but it’s a little meaty. (And not spoilery!)

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