Or good for me, anyway, because I have no prose whatsoever to share with you today. Just a lot of work – including one interview which needs responding to, maybe an hour’s worth of research, and a proposal for a book follow-up that isn’t going to write itself. Ergo, you get some leafy greens in list form. Bon appetit!

    The Science Fiction Book Club – Because people are always asking … technically both Boneshaker and Dreadnought are available in hardback editions, but only through this-here book club. (The editions are a bit strangely sized, and do not feature the cool off-white paper or brown text, though.) I thought to mention this now, because people are telling me that the SFBC has been featuring Dreadnought … so … yeah.

    Speaking of hardback books – I think it’s time to link this FAQ again, as I have been getting a real boatload of questions about Clementine lately. I don’t know if it was reviewed someplace and I missed it …? Or what. But anyway, to everyone who wants to know why it’s hard to find, and if it’ll come out in paperback, here you go.

    I love Bookslut – I mean, in case I haven’t said so lately. Review of Dreadnought. Excerpt of particular cheer: “This is an author at the top of her game and consistent in her dedication to making steampunk as much a part of the American landscape as its traditional Victorian London roots.” Many thanks, Colleen!

    Burbank, CA, area animal-lovers – Anyone want to adopt the world’s cutest quasi-cannibal bunny? Oh, just click. The pictures are simply darling.

    Updates to my Appearances Page – There has been a bit of shuffling and an addition or two, when it comes to 2011’s list of Places You Can Find Me. Most imminently, my event at Off The Beaten Path Books in Michigan has been moved up to January 20th. Will these be the only places you find me all year? Almost certainly not. But I’ll add future events as they become confirmed.