The mail brought a long-awaited paycheck, and there was much rejoicing! However, there was also the burning need to go throw it into the bank, and some truly, divinely shitty weather outside. Really, today has been a study in the very worst of what the northwest likes to haul out in the dead of winter: 38 degrees, cheek-flapping winds, and alternately spitting and pouring down rain (which of course, is blowing sideways).

I bundled up and hiked down the hill. It was worth it.

Tonight, perhaps, I will lure the husband off for a celebratory supper, because people who have hiked a mile or so round trip (up and down a very steep hill) in weather such as this in order to put money in the bank should not be subject to cooking or doing dishes.

(That’s my policy, anyway. To paraphrase Ron White – we didn’t use to have a policy. Now we’ve got that one.)

After supper, I predict that we will sit around and play some more Resident Evil: Zero. Last night the roles were reversed from the usual – I was playing, with him barking orders/making suggestions at my side. I navigated the controls (awkwardly), got myself most of the way through the first bits (only died once), and sent the husband to look up a hint on GameFAQ (likewise, just once).

He seems to think it’s cute, watching me learn my baby-steps way around the platform. Perhaps it is. It’s been too long since I did any zombie shooting first-hand. I hereby vow to take a more proactive role in our collective undead-harassment in the future.

* * * * *

In writing news … I’m fiddling with a project that wants very badly to become a pretty serious tome. If it gets its way, it will become a weird, shifty, ambitious thing – unrelated to the present steampunk books (which are still coming along, don’t worry) or the upcoming urban fantasy franchise (which I also look forward to seeing hit the shelves). This will be a different sort of beast. Slapping it with a label like “steamhorror” might not be too far off base.

It feels weird in my head. It needs my full attention, and it will take a lot of blood-sweating to produce – I can sense that much already. But I’m excited about it, and nervous, too. This isn’t a book I would’ve tried to write even two or three years ago. I don’t know that I’m ready to tackle it yet, but I am – at least – willing to try.

Today I got myself about 90% happy with the sample content so far, having removed about a third of it, rearranged the rest, and combed through it with a critic’s eye which is never so sharp as when it’s procrastinating. But as of this afternoon, I’m ready to move forward. When I achieve … oh, I don’t know. 20,000 words, perhaps, I’ll kick it off to my agent and see how she feels about it.

But here’s the starting point, for now.

Project: Steamhorror Sample
Word Count at Present: 10,404 words
New Words: Precious few today.
Goal: 20K, or two more sections, whichever comes first