what fresh madness

Yesterday Kat and I had a lovely time kicking around Ballard, but I didn’t snap any shots while we were out and about; however I did swing by a sweet little kitchen shop to bring home a bamboo cutting board (ours was gross) and a can opener (ours broke last week), so the day was productive as well as entertaining.

I’d shoot for another kitty picture, but I can’t find the cat this morning (slight fib – she’s stowed in the closet, but therefore more or less unphotographable). So. Well. No pictures for you, then. Instead you get … okay, no link list! Just … hm. Let’s do it in small paragraphs. It’ll feel less like a hasty info-dump that way, won’t it? Well, let’s see.

Today over on the Best Damn Creative Writing Blog you will find an interview with yours truly – plus an opportunity to win a signed copy of Dreandought as part of their grab bag giveaway. I’m also lurking down the comments thread, answering questions if people have any, and responding to commentary where applicable.

In other news (Jesus, these transitions are hard; no wonder I like lists so much), Steampunk.com is hunting for its book of the year. The site took nominations last week, I believe, and both Boneshaker and Dreadnought made the cut. And my books are in excellent company! Go click over there and vote for whoever you like, or whatever you like. And may thanks to the readers of Steampunk.com for nominating my material.

Okay. Nothing else to squish into this post today, so I suppose I’ll call this done and get back to work.

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  1. Hope you made time for a stop by Molly Moon’s. My favorite!

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