Glad tidings of great joy

What kind of glad tidings? Well, I’ll tell you: I’ve just gotten word that Dreadnought will be headed into a second printing sometime in the next few weeks! This is news of great joy for all the obvious reasons, but I wanted to provide a general “heads up” before the last of the first run has gone out the door … because I know some of you folks are all about the first editions.

And hey, if you want a signed first edition – but you don’t live anywhere near the spots where I’ve been signing for the last few months – you can always pick one up via the University Book Store in Seattle. I mean, should you want to nab a really kick-ass holiday gift for someone who’s camping out at the top of Santa’s “Nice” list.

Where and how to Get Dreadnought:

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    Ebook Editions: Visit Dreadnought‘s listing here at Macmillan and you’ll find digital editions suitable for the iPad, Kobo, Nook, and Sony eReader. Click here for Dreadnought on the Kindle.
      Audio Book: Courtesy of Macmillan Audio and Audible, you can pick up the audio book of Dreadnought right here.
        Sample Content: Scroll down at the Macmillan listing and you’ll find excerpts, reviews, and other useful things that might give you a better idea of what you’re in for.
          General Information: For general information regarding the world-setting of Boneshaker and Dreadnought, visit The Clockwork Century and take a poke around.
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            3 thoughts on “Glad tidings of great joy

            1. Wow! Awesome!

              What with all of these titles doing to well generally, it’ll save a lot of time if the agent simply says “Go, Author! Go!” Mentioning all the specific titles would take faaaar too much time.

              NOTE TO OTHERS: The First Edition of the trade paperback has the identifiable printing error of missing the black ink on the front cover. It looks kinda Bronze instead of Copper-like.

            2. Thanks dude! And as it turned out – it wasn’t an issue of the black plate being struck after all; it was miscalibrated with metallic ink, that was the problem. Looked very similar, though!

              This will be corrected in the next edition, though :)

            3. Wonderful news. I cannot wait until I get that one. I have asked for Amazon gift cards for Christmas, so I may be able to expand my book collection. This is one on my wish list. I am currently reading Fathom and absolutely love it.

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