Last night the hubs and I got dolled up and went out to the Child’s Play Charity Auction and Dinner. Why? Because I needed an excuse to bust out this outfit again, and because I’d never done anything black tie before. Also, because Aric contributed a Fremont Coffee Company gift basket to the fund-raising affair.

At this very fine event, we were offered a whole lot of free booze – which I’m sure had NOTHING TO DO with the fact that awesome geeky items were on the auction block, and soused bidders are generous, competitive bidders. Not that I’m complaining, even though I was very swiftly outbid for the one thing I really wanted.* Alas, I need to go to the dentist next month more than I needed a cool new thing. But such is life.

[Also, because approximately one bazillion people have asked (in the wake of many Twitter pictures), my outfit was from Kambriel, and my hat came from Noxenlux. My hair is colored/cut by Lancer at the Emerson Salon on Capital Hill, though I did the curls and updo myself.]


Today has been jam packed already, for I have run many errands – up to and including visiting the University Book Store and Third Place Books out in Lake Forest Park. You may now find signed copies of pretty much everything from yours truly at those two Seattle-area book-purveying locations.

In other news, is hunting for the best steampunk book of the year. Feel free to wander over there and make some nominations. I mean, if you’re in to that kind of thing.

* A limited edition eagle bust from the upcoming Bioshock: Infinite game, signed by some of the developers. Le sigh.