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Clockwork Century Channel for Tuesday

4 years ago, mid-morning

  • Joe Sherry has some thoughts about women in science fiction – Going so far as to talk about his ten favorite science fiction books by women. It is exceedingly kind of him to name Boneshaker as one of his picks. Thanks, Joe!

  • Cool reader costume – This is Adrienne, who was roaming around SteamCon – though we never actually managed to meet. More’s the pity! I love her get-up, and not just because she used “Briar and the Bainbridge Island renegade dirigible camp as inspiration.”

  • Mike Mignola on Hollywood, Jack Kirby and one strange night in Prague – You should totally watch this video, because (a). Mike is a hoot and a half, and (b). Dreadnought shows up in the background. Well, it put a smile on my face, anyway …

  • The Atomic Fez has thoughts on Dreadnought – And I am pleased that he wants to give it to young female readers in search of a hearty role model. No pressure, or anything! But you know what I mean :) Many thanks, Ian!

  • The Denver Examiner pokes Boneshaker with a stick – And likes it, which is great. However – maybe I’m misremembering, here – it feels like this is approximately the umpteenth version of the Examiner to do a Boneshaker review. Don’t get me wrong – I’m delighted that their writers are enjoying my material, of course! But it seems odd. Or maybe it’s only early, and my critical thinking skills aren’t what they could be.