Happy New Year!

Today the husband and I buckled down and cleaned the ever living hell out of our apartment – even going so far as to empty, vacuum, sort, and clean both the hall closet and the coat closet. Tomorrow we’ll tackle our bedroom closet, for it is the last un-scrubbified frontier in this-here residence. I even […]


For the sake of convention, or vanity, or whatever … I feel the need to do a year-end wrap-up post. Perhaps I should hold off until tomorrow, but tomorrow I might not have time. In addition to the day-job work, I plan to clean this apartment from top to bottom, because I absolutely refuse to […]

December 29, 2010

Today I trawled the internet for information about 19th-century industrial-capacity pressure cookers, and how long it takes to dissolve a corpse in lye (respectively). God help me if I’m ever suspected of murder. I’ll be tried and convicted on my browser history alone. I also did laundry. And I wrote. Project: Steamhorror Sample Word Count […]