Official Notice

I had planned/was scheduled to appear over at the marvelous book blog Bitten By Books tomorrow – but I will not be able to make that commitment. Circumstances have conspired against me, and I just can’t give them what they need for this event (though we will try to reschedule for later).

This is my fault, and not theirs – so please don’t hold it against them.

2 thoughts on “Official Notice

  1. I hope everything is all right. I know you are pushing yourself so hard. I often wonder how you manage. I can barely function doing one thing.
    Anyway, I hope its OK.
    Have Happy. Do Life.

  2. Everything’s all right – it’s just a conflagration of deadlines and a few wires getting crossed; I simply won’t be able to give them everything they need in time, and I won’t be around tomorrow as much as would be ideal. So we’ll try to set it up for next month.

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