Originally I was slated to begin chatting at Questionland on November 1st, but like the City Arts piece said: Full Steam Ahead, yo. Therefore, starting tomorrow October 30th I will officially be taking … well … questions. They can be about anything, really, but I’m hypothetically there to talk about books and stuff. So! Just […]

Wiktory Post

It is with great pleasure that I announce I’ve emailed off Draft One of Ganymede to my editor (who is at WFC right now, but hey – it’s offa my plate, and that’s the important bit). I have absolutely no idea how to feel about the manuscript, except that I wish I could’ve had another […]

Today on the Clockwork Century Channel

Very quickly! For there is still much work to be done over here before the day is finished: Kitties everywhere love Dreadnought* – (* when they need a comfy place to sit.) These two in particular are Lulu and Chester, and they belong to my sister in Connecticut. I love the SLOG – And I […]